Locker rental

Locker rental at Centre de glaces Intact Assurance

You can now rent a locker to store your sports equipment and personal belongings.

Why rent a locker ?

Having a dedicated locker allows you to keep your equipment close at hand, avoiding the need to bring them back home. You can simply focus on your training.

How to rent a locker ?

Locker rental is simple and accessible. Just visit the reception desk.


Access to the locker :

Access to the locker is permitted during opening hours, following the schedule of the Intact Assurance Ice Center. In exceptional situations, particularly due to special events, the Corporation may restrict access to the lockers.

Rules and conditions of use :

  • The locker number is assigned according to the rental date and at the discretion of the administration;

  • No locker rental contract can be transferred without prior notification to the Corporation (;

  • The tenant must ensure that the locker is clean and free of odor;

  • No perishable food or soiled equipment should be stored in the locker;

  • It is prohibited to store illegal products or illicit substances, dangerous objects, flammable materials, and it is strictly forbidden to use the locker for commercial purposes;

  • The contract can be terminated at any time without reimbursement;

Rent a locker today at the Intact Assurance Ice Center and enjoy a convenient space to store your training equipment.

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